senotherm® UHT HYDRO – Always stays a step ahead

The senotherm® UHT HYDRO range of products incorporates the first purely waterbased, high temperature resistant coating solutions (up to 600°C) that dry and harden completely at room temperature.  With UHT-HYDRO, senotherm® is bringing to the market a technological innovation and a genuine vision for the future of high temperature coatings.  UHT-HYDRO goes far beyond the basic requirements. The surface is noticeably smoother, harder and more sustainable than the usual coating solution, so that UHT-HYDRO delivers the highest quality surface.  As a Non-Smoker® Coating it’s guaranteed to be smoke and odour free on first use.  

What’s more, with the UHT-Hydro product range, senotherm® underlines its position as technology leader and delivers a real high performer.  This makes senotherm® UHT HYDRO the cleanest and highest quality solution for the future.

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The advantages at a glance

technological innovation and a real vision for the future

the first purely waterbased high temperature coating systems

genuine temperature resistance
up to 600 °C

excellent colour stability

optimum corrosion resistance

highest quality surface, user convenience and durability

Non-Smoker® Coating

no troublesome smoke or odour for the end customer

significantly more robust during transport and final assembly

final hardening at room temperature
(18-23 °C)

a wide range of colours and surfaces

the energy and cost intensive stoving process during manufacture can be dispensed

overspray can be disposed of economically as commercial waste

worldwide availability

worldwide service throughout the whole manufacturing process

matching touch up paint from a can

Technical Facts

Product line senotherm® UHT-HYDRO
Product series 3590 2860
Basis waterbased
Components two three
Properties The benchmark in the stove industry and unique worldwide
Details Fast drying waterbased, smoke and odour free when first heated, extremely high surface hardness Fast drying waterbased, smoke and odour free when first heated, extremely hard glossy surface available in a variety of decorative effects and bright colours
Theoretical coverage approx 9 m²/kg at 25 μm
dry film thickness
System one coat
Drying and Hardening Air drying,
forced drying is possible up to max 70 °C
oven drying,
10 – 15 min. bei 100 – 80 °C
Recommended film thickness 25 +/- 5 μm 30 +/- 5 μm
Solids approx 53 %
Temperature resistance 600 °C 400 °C
Aerosol lines 1102 1021 paint cartridges / touch-up stick
Minimum substrate requirement In general: free of grease, corrosion and impurities
Minimum pre-treatment requirement sandblast
Colours (more colours may be possible on request) Brown metallic, Deep metallic black, Green, Blue, Nickel, Cast grey, Light cast grey, Black, Silver, White
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