senotherm® is better.

senotherm® quality is convincing. senotherm® is best practice, a Non-Smoker® and high performer. In terms of technology, senotherm® sets standards so it leads the way in Europe. More than 40 years’ experience in this specialist area, continuous R & D work and the resulting innovations have  created for senotherm® a unique range of coating systems that conform to market requirements.  senotherm® is simply the best solution on every stove and every kind of household fire. 


Non Smoker Coatings

senotherm® product ranges offer a variety of coating solutions that prevent the development of smoke and odour during first use.

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senotherm® Spraycan

Of course „the best solution“ comes from the can because senotherm® offers a suitable touch up paint from the can for every coating within the individual product ranges.

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Frequently asked questions for senotherm®

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