senotherm® has stopped the oven smoking

With its Non-Smoker® Coatings senotherm® has stopped the oven smoking. The UHT and UHT-HYDRO product ranges offer a variety of coating solutions that prevent the development of smoke and odour during first use by a customer and reduce the formation of pollutants (such as VOCs and fine dust) to a minimum. Unlike conventional coating systems, where final cross-linking only takes place at temperatures > 200 °C, senotherm® Non-Smoker® Coatings harden completely at room temperature. The customer can enjoy his stove undisturbed right from the start and will no longer be troubled by the development of smoke and odour on first use.

The advantages of Non-Smoker® Coatings

  • no troublesome smoke or odour for the end customer 
  • final hardening already takes place at room temperature (18-23°C) 
  • sustainable coating solution for the end customers’ ever increasing sensitivity to
    health and environmental awareness 
  • significantly more robust for transport and final assembly 
  • the costly task of separately having to clean off hardened overspray is no longer necessary and it can be disposed of via conventional commercial waste

Our Non-Smoker®

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